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Thou art worshipped [in] peace or [in] setting , O lord of the gods, thou art exalted by reason of thy wondrous works.

Shine thou with thy rays of light upon my body day by day, [upon me], Osiris the scribe, the teller of the divine offerings of all the gods, the overseer of the granary of the lords of Abtu Abydos , the royal scribe in truth who loveth thee; Ani, victorious in peace.

Isis embraceth thee in peace, and she driveth away the fiends from the mouth of thy paths. Thou turnest thy face upon Amentet, and thou makest the earth to shine as with refined copper.

Heru-khuti Harmachis , with long strides thou stridest over heaven, O Heru-khuti. Oh, grant thou unto me a path whereon I may pass in peace, for I am just and true; I have not spoken lies wittingly, nor have I done aught with deceit.

Oh, grant thou unto me a path wherein I may pass in peace, for I am just and true; I have not spoken lies wittingly, nor have I done aught with deceit.

Those who are in his train rejoice, and lo! Osiris Ani, victorious, saith:. Shine thou with thy beams of light upon the face of Osiris Ani, who is victorious; for he singeth hymns of praise unto thee at dawn, and he maketh thee to set at eventide with words of adoration.

Osiris Ani, being in peace and in triumph, adoreth his lord, the lord of eternity, saying: The god Thoth is stablished in the bows of thy boat to destroy utterly all thy foes.

Those who are in the Tuat underworld come forth to meet thee, and they bow in homage as they come toward thee, to behold [thy] beautiful Image.

And I have come before thee that I may be with thee to behold thy Disk every day. May I not be shut up in [the tomb], may I not be turned back, may the limbs of my body be made new again when I view thy beauties, even as [are those of] all thy favored ones, because I am one of those who worshipped thee [whilst I lived] upon earth.

May I come in unto the land of eternity, may I come even unto the everlasting land, for behold, O my lord, this hast thou ordained for me.

And lo, Osiris Ani triumphant in peace, the triumphant one, saith: Thou passest over the sky, and every face watcheth thee and thy course, for thou hast been hidden from their gaze.

Thou dost shew thyself at dawn and at eventide day by day. The lands of the gods, and the eastern lands of Punt 7 must be seen, ere that which is hidden [in thee] may be measured.

May Ani advance, even as thou dost advance; may he never cease [to go forward], even as thy Majesty ceaseth not [to go forward], even though it be for a moment; for with strides dost thou in one little moment pass over the spaces which would need hundreds of thousands and millions of years [for man to pass over; this] thou doest, and then dost thou sink to rest.

Thou puttest an end to the hours of the night, and thou dost count them, even thou; thou endest them in thine own appointed season, and the earth becometh light.

Thou settest thyself before thy handiwork in the likeness of Ra; thou risest in the horizon. Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant, declareth his praise of thee when thou shinest, and when thou risest at dawn he crieth in his joy at thy birth: Grant thou that I may come unto the heaven which is everlasting, and unto the mountain where dwell thy favored ones.

May I be joined unto those shining beings, holy and perfect, who are in the underworld; and may I come forth with them to behold thy beauties when thou shinest at eventide and goest to thy mother Nu.

Thou dost place thyself in the west, and my two hands are [raised] in adoration [of thee] when thou settest as a living being. Behold, thou art the maker of eternity, and thou art adored [when] thou settest in the heavens.

I have given my heart unto thee without wavering, O thou who art mightier than the gods. Osiris Ani, triumphant, saith: Thy mother giveth thee birth upon [her] hand, and thou dost give light unto the course of the Disk.

O thou great Light, who shinest in the heavens, thou dost strengthen the generations of men with the Nile-flood, and thou dost cause gladness in all lands, and in all cities, and in all the temples.

I pray thee to put away [his] faults behind thee: It shall come to pass that the Evil One shall fall when he layeth a snare to destroy thee, and the joints of his neck and of his back shall be hacked asunder.

The mariners of Ra rejoice, and the heart of Nebt ankh 8 is glad, for the enemy of her lord hath fallen to the ground.

Thou shalt behold Horus on the standing-place of the pilot of the boat, and Thoth and Maat shall stand one upon each side of him.

All the gods shall rejoice when they behold Ra coming in peace to make the hearts of the shining ones to live, and Osiris Ani, victorious, the scribe of the divine offerings of the lords of Thebes, shall be along with them!

He is made mighty before Tem; he is made great before Osiris; he setteth his terror before the company of the gods who are the guides of the netherworld; he maketh long?

The lady Mut-hetep, victorious, singeth hymns of praise to thee [saying]:. Homage to thee, O thou who art in peace, homage to thee, O thou who art in peace.

Thou art joined unto the Eye of Tem, and it chooseth its powers of protection [to place] behind thy members. Thou goest forth through heaven, thou travellest over the earth, and thou journeyest onward.

O Luminary, the northern and southern halves of heaven come to thee and they bow low in adoration, and they pay homage unto thee, day by day.

The gods of Amentet rejoice in thy beauties and the unseen places sing hymns of praise unto thee. Thou art acknowledged by Isis who seeth her son in thee, the lord of fear, the mighty one of terror.

Thou settest as a living being in the hidden place. Thy father [Ta-]tunen raiseth thee up and he placeth both his hands behind thee; thou becomest endowed with divine attributes in [thy] members of earth; thou wakest in peace and thou settest in Manu.

I have adored thee, therefore do thou for me that which I wish. Grant thou that I may be victorious in the presence of the company of the gods.

Thou are beautiful, O Ra, in thy western horizon of Amentet, thou lord of Maat, thou mighty one of fear, thou whose attributes are majestic, O thou who art greatly beloved by those who dwell in the Tuat underworld ; thou shinest with thy beams upon the beings that are therein perpetually, and thou sendest forth thy light upon the path of Re-stau.

The heart of Naarerf 11 is glad [when] Ra setteth, the heart of Naarerf is glad when Ra setteth. Grasp ye your weapons and overthrow ye the fiend Seba on behalf of Ra, and repulse the fiend Nebt on behalf of Osiris.

The great god who dwelleth in his Disk cometh forth, that is, Horus the avenger of his father Unnefer-Ra. Homage to thee, O thou who comest as Tem, and who comest into being as the creator of the gods.

Homage to thee, O thou who comest as the holy Soul of souls, who dwellest in the horizon. Homage to thee who art more glorious than [all] the gods and who illuminest the Tuat with thine Eye.

Homage to thee who sailest in thy glory and who goest round about it in thy Disk. He setteth his might before Ra, he setteth his power before Tem, [he setteth his strength] before Khenti-Amentet, and he setteth his terror before the company of the gods.

The Osiris of the gods goeth as leader through the Tuat underworld , he crasheth through mountains, he bursteth through rocks, he maketh glad?

Thou hast risen and thou hast put on strength, and thou settest like a living being amid thy glories in the horizon of Amentet, in thy domain which is in Manu.

Hail to thee, in peace; hail to thee, in peace. Thou joinest thyself unto the Eye of Horus, and thou hidest thyself within its secret place; it destroyeth for thee all the convulsions of thy face, it maketh thee strong with life, and thou livest.

It bindeth its protecting amulets behind thy members. Thou sailest forth over heaven, and thou makest the earth to be stablished; thou joinest thyself unto the upper heaven, O Luminary.

The two regions of the East and West make adoration unto thee, bowing low and paying homage unto thee, and they praise thee day by day; the gods of Amentet rejoice in thy splendid beauties.

The hidden places adore thee, the aged ones make offerings unto thee, and they create for thee protecting powers. The Souls of Amentet cry out unto thee and say unto thee when they meet thy majesty Life, Health, Strength!

Thy mother Isis embraceth thee, and in thee she recognizeth her son, the lord of fear, the mighty one of terror. Thou settest as a living being within the dark portal.

Thy father Tatunen lifteth thee up and he stretcheth out his two hands behind thee; thou becomest a divine being in the earth.

Thou wakest as thou settest, and thy habitation is in Manu. Since thou hast been adored [by me] that which I wish thou shalt do for me day by day.

Grant thou victory [unto me] before the great company of the gods, O Ra who art doubly beautiful in thy horizon of Amentet, thou lord of Maat who dwellest in the horizon.

The fear of thee is great, thy forms are majestic, and the love of thee is great among those who dwell in the underworld. When [thou] appearest in the bows of [thy] bark men shout for joy at thee, O maker of the gods!

Thou didst stretch out the heavens wherein thy two eyes 14 might travel, thou didst make the earth to be a vast chamber for thy Khus, so that every man might know his fellow.

Thou art beautiful, O Ra, each day, and thy mother Nut embraceth thee; thou settest in beauty, and thy heart is glad in the horizon of Manu, and the holy beings therein rejoice.

Thou shinest there with thy beams, O thou great god, Osiris, the everlasting Prince. The hearts of the lords of the Tuat underworld are glad when thou sendest forth thy glorious light in Amentet; their two eyes are directed toward thee, and they press forward to see thee, and their hearts rejoice when they do see thee.

Thou hearkenest unto the acclamations of those that are in the funeral chest, 15 thou doest away with their helplessness and drivest away the evils which are about them.

Thou givest breath to their nostrils and they take hold of the bows of thy bark in the horizon of Manu.

Thou art beautiful each day, O Ra, and may thy mother Nut embrace Osiris …, 16 victorious. Osiris Auf-ankh, victorious, born.

Osiris-khent-Amentet 17 hath made thee to triumph over thine enemies, and thy father Seb hath decreed for thee all his inheritance. Come, therefore, O Horus, son of Isis, for thou, O son of Osiris, sittest upon the throne of thy father Ra to overthrow thine enemies, for he hath ordained for thee the two lands to their utmost limits.

Atem hath [also] ordained this, and the company of the gods hath confirmed the splendid power of the victory of Horus the son of Isis and the son of Osiris forever and forever.

And Osiris Auf-ankh shall be victorious forever and ever. Horus the son of Isis and son of Osiris celebrated in turn millions of festivals, and all his enemies fell headlong, and were overthrown and cut to pieces.

Their habitation hath gone forth to the block of the East, their heads have been cut off; their necks have been destroyed; their thighs have been cut off; they have been given over to the Great Destroyer who dwelleth in the valley of the grave; and they shall never come forth from under the restraint of the god Seb.

Horus is mighty, the northern and southern halves of heaven rejoice, Osiris is content thereat and his heart is glad. Hail, Thoth, make thou to triumph Osiris, the scribe Nebseni, over his enemies in the presence of the sovereign princes of every god and every goddess, and in the presence of you, ye sovereign princes who passed judgment on Osiris behind the shrine.

Thy two hands are behind thee, and thou hast thy lot with [thy] ancestors. Oh, grant thou unto me my mouth that I may speak therewith; and guide thou to me my heart at the season when there is cloud and darkness.

May my mouth be given unto me that I may speak therewith in the presence of the great god, the lord of the Tuat underworld.

May my hand and my arm not be forced back in the presence of the sovereign princes of any god. According to the desire of my heart, I have come from the Pool of Fire, and I have quenched the fire.

The scribe Ani, triumphant,. Moreover, may Thoth, being filled and furnished with charms, come and loose the bandages, even the bandages of Set which fetter my mouth; and may the god Tem hurl them at those who would fetter [me] with them, and drive them back.

May my mouth be opened, may my mouth be unclosed by Shu with his iron knife wherewith he opened the mouths of the gods. I am the goddess Sekhet, and I sit upon [my] place in the great wind?

I am the great goddess Sah who dwelleth among the Souls of Annu Heliopolis. Now as concerning every charm and all the words which may be spoken against me, may the gods resist them, and may each and every one of the company of the gods withstand them.

Behold, I gather together the charm [from every place where] it is, and from every man with whom it is, swifter than greyhounds and quicker than light.

Behold, thou gatherest together the charm from every place where it is, and from every man with whom it is, swifter than greyhounds and quicker than light, [the charm] which created the forms of being from the … mother, and which either createth the gods or maketh them silent, and which giveth the heat of fire unto the gods.

The chancellor-in-chief, Nu, triumphant, the overseer of the palace, the son of the chief chancellor Amen-hetep, saith:.

I am with the Divine One, and I sit on the eastern side of heaven. If any god whatsoever should advance unto me, let me be able to proclaim his name forthwith.

May my heart be with me, and may it rest there, [or] I shall not eat of the cakes of Osiris on the eastern side of the Lake of Flowers, neither shall I have a boat wherein to go down the Nile, nor another wherein to go up, nor shall I be able to sail down the Nile with thee.

May my mouth [be given] to me that I may speak therewith, and my two legs to walk therewith, and my two hands and arms to overthrow my foe.

May the doors of heaven be opened unto me; may Seb, the Prince 21 of the gods, open wide his two jaws unto me; may he open my two eyes which are blindfolded; may he cause me to stretch apart my two legs which are bound together; and may Anpu Anubis make my thighs firm so that I may stand upon them.

I understand with my heart. My soul shall not be fettered to my body at the gates of the underworld; but I shall enter in peace and I shall come forth in peace.

The heart of Osiris Ani is triumphant, it is made new before the gods, he hath gained power over it, he hath not been spoken to [according to] what he hath done.

He hath gotten power over his own members. His heart obeyeth him, he is the lord thereof, it is in his body, and it shall never fall away therefrom.

I, Osiris, the scribe Ani, victorious in peace, and triumphant in the beautiful Amenta and on the mountain of eternity, bid thee to be obedient unto me in the underworld.

That which is an abomination unto me is the divine block. Hail, thou who dost wind bandages round Osiris and who hast seen Set! Hail, thou who returnest after smiting and destroying him before the mighty ones!

I make thee to dwell? When they find the leg and the swathings they bury them. Osiris Ani, triumphant, saith:.

Is it that thou art come [to carry away] this my heart which liveth? But my heart which liveth shall not be given unto thee.

I am the lord of hearts, the slayer of the heart. I am Horus, the dweller in hearts, who is within the dweller in the body. I live in my word, and my heart hath being.

Let not my heart be taken away from me, let it not be wounded, and may neither wounds nor gashes be dealt upon me because it hath been taken away from me.

Let me have my being in the body of [my] father Seb, [and in the body of my] mother Nut. I have not done that which is held in abomination by the gods; let me not suffer defeat there, [but let me be] triumphant.

Osiris Auf-ankh, triumphant, born of Sheret-Amsu, triumphant, saith:. My heart of my existence upon earth.

May naught stand up to oppose me in judgment; may there be no opposition to me in the presence of the sovereign princes; may [no evil] be wrought against me in the presence of the gods; may there be no parting [of thee] from me in the presence of the great god, the lord of Amentet.

Homage to thee, O thou heart of Osiris-khent-Amentet! Homage to you, O my reins! Homage to you, O ye gods who dwell in the divine clouds, and who are exalted or holy by reason of your sceptres!

Speak ye fair words for the Osiris Auf-ankh, and make ye him to prosper before Nehebka. O my heart of my existence upon earth. Homage to thee, O my heart!

Speak ye [for me] fair things to Ra, and make ye me to prosper before Nehebka. My heart whereby I came into being!

Mayest thou come forth into the place of happiness whither we go. Let not that which is false be uttered against me before the great god, the lord of Amentet.

Verily how great shalt thou be when thou risest in triumph! My front teeth are like unto flint knives, and my jaw-teeth are like unto the Nome of Tutef.

Thou shalt not carry them away, O thou crocodile that livest by means of magical words! I, even I, am Osiris, who hath shut in his father Seb together with his mother Nut on the day of the great slaughter.

My father is Seb and my mother is Nut. I am Horus, the first-born of Ra, who is crowned. I am Anpu Anubis on the day of reckoning. I, even I, am Osiris the prince who goeth in and declareth the offerings which are written down.

I am the guardian of the door of Osiris, even I. I have sat in the birth-chamber of Osiris, and I was born with him, and I renew my youth along with him.

I have laid hold upon the Thigh which was by Osiris, and I have opened the mouth of the gods therewith, I sit upon the place where he sitteth, and I write down the number [of the things] which make strong?

Horus hath done away with the sacrifices of Thoth. I fill the office of priest in the regions above, and I write down there [the things] which make strong the heart.

I make offerings or offerings are made to me at the altars of the Prince of Tattu, and I have my being through the oblations [made to] him.

I snuff the wind of the East by his head, and I lay hold upon the breezes of the West thereby…. I go round about heaven in the four quarters thereof, I stretch out my hand and grasp the breezes of the south [which] are upon its hair.

Grant unto me air among the venerable beings and among those who eat bread. Osiris Auf-ankh, triumphant, saith:.

I know them by their names and [what] they live upon, and I am he who hath delivered his father from them.

I am Uatch-Maati or Merti. I am clothed and wholly provided with thy magical words, O Ra, the which are in heaven above me and in the earth beneath me.

My face is open, my heart is upon its seat, and the crown with the serpent is upon me day by day. I am Ra, who is his own protector, and nothing shall ever cast me to the ground.

Nu, the overseer of the palace, the chancellor-in-chief, triumphant, saith:. Behold Seb and Shu. Stand still now, and thou shalt eat the rat which is an abominable thing unto Ra, and thou shalt crunch the bones of the filthy cat.

I am the flame which shineth upon the Opener? Depart ye from me, for I am the divine Maftet. Behold the twofold being who is about to eat me!

Alighting from the boat I depart? This being is Osiris, and he maketh entreaty for his tomb. The eyes of the divine prince are dropped, and he performeth the reparation which is to be done for thee; [he] giveth [unto thee thy] portion of right and truth according to the decision concerning the states and conditions [of men].

Osiris Nu, the chancellor-in-chief,. Nu, the chancellor-in-chief, triumphant, saith:. The scribe Nebseni, the lord to whom veneration is paid, saith:.

I have made journeys round about and I have sung hymns of joy in the boat of Khepera. I have eaten therein, I have gained power therein, and I live therein through the breezes [which are there].

I am the guide in the boat of Ra, and he openeth out for me a path; he maketh a passage for me through the gates of the god Seb.

I live after my death day by day, and I am strong even as is the double Lion-god. I live, and I am delivered after my death, I, the scribe Nebseni, the lord of piety, who fill the earth and come forth like the lily of mother-of-emerald, of the god Hetep of the two lands.

Nu, the overseer of the palace, the chancellor-in-chief, triumphant, the son of the overseer of the palace, the chancellor-in-chief, Amen-hetep, triumphant, saith:.

Those who dwell in their divine abodes have become my guides, and they make paths for me as they revolve in the watery abyss of the sky by the side of the path of the boat of Tem.

I stand upon the timbers? I set free my divine fathers at eventide. I close the lips of my mouth, and I eat like unto a living being. I have life in Tattu, and I live again after death like Ra day by day.

Depart thou from the divine place of birth of Ra wherein is thy terror. I am Ra who dwelleth in his terror. Get thee back, Fiend, before the darts of his beams.

Ra hath overthrown thy words, the gods have turned thy face backward, the Lynx hath torn open thy breast, the Scorpion hath cast fetters upon thee; and Maat hath sent forth thy destruction.

Those who are in the ways have overthrown thee; fall down and depart, O Apep, thou Enemy of Ra! O thou that passest over the region in the eastern part of heaven with the sound of the roaring thunder-cloud, O Ra who openest the gates of the horizon straightway on thy appearance, [Apep] hath sunk helpless under [thy] gashings.

I have performed thy will, O Ra, I have performed thy will; I have done that which is fair, I have done that which is fair, I have labored for the peace of Ra.

The gods of the south and of the north, of the west and of the east have fastened chains upon him, and they have fettered him with fetters; the god Rekes hath overthrown him and the god Hertit hath put him in chains.

Ra setteth, Ra setteth; Ra is strong at [his] setting. Apep hath fallen, Apep, the enemy of Ra, departeth. Greater is the punishment [which hath been inflicted on] thee than the sting?

Thou shalt never enjoy the delights of love, thou shalt never fulfil thy desire, O Apep, thou Enemy of Ra! He maketh thee to go back, O thou who art hateful to Ra; he looketh upon thee, get thee back!

Thy mariners are those who keep the reckoning for thee, [O Ra, as thou] advancest, and thou restest there wherein are the offerings made to thee [As thou] advancest, [as thou] advancest toward the House the advance which thou hast made toward the House is a prosperous advance; let not any baleful obstacle proceed from thy mouth against me when thou workest on my behalf.

I am Set who let loose the storm-clouds and the thunder in the horizon of heaven even as [doth] the god Netcheb-ab-f.

Hathor quaketh with terror, and Ra hath triumphed over Apep. Osiris Ra, triumphant, saith:. Thoth hath cut off thy head, and I have performed upon thee all the things which the company of the gods ordered concerning thee in the matter of the work of thy slaughter.

Ye are holy, O all ye gods, and [ye] have cast down headlong the enemies of Osiris; the gods of Ta-ur shout for joy. Get thee back, O thou Eater of the Ass, thou abomination of the god Haas who dwelleth in the underworld.

I know thee, I know thee, I know thee, I know thee. Thou shalt not come to me, O thou that comest 36 without being invoked, and whose [time of coming] is unknown.

I am the lord of thy mouth, get thee back, thou and thy desires? Hail, Haas, with his stone [knife] Horus hath cut asunder thy members, and thou art destroyed within thy company, and thy bend or dwelling-place is destroyed for thee by the company of thy gods who dwell in the cities of Pe and Tep.

He that slayeth [thee] there is in the form of the Eye of Horus, and I have driven thee away as thou wast advancing, and I have vanquished thee by the winds of my mouth.

O thou Eater of those who commit sins, who dost plunder and spoil, I have [committed] no sin; therefore, let my palette and the writings with hostile charges [against me upon them] be given unto me.

I have done no wrong in the presence of the sovereign princes, therefore shoot not thy [venom] at me. I give, do thou take according to what I order; snatch me not away, and eat me not, for I am the lord of life, the Prince Life, Health, Strength!

Nebseni, the scribe and designer in the Temples of Upper and Lower Egypt, he to whom fair veneration is paid, the son of the scribe and artist Thena, triumphant, saith:.

Hail, thou guardian of the divine door of the city of Beta, thou [god] Neti? I hold converse with the divine mariners at eventide, I enter in, I go forth, and I see the being who is there; I lift him up, and I say that which I have to say unto him, whose throat stinketh [for lack of air].

I have life, and I am delivered, having lain down in death. Hail, thou that bringest offerings and oblations, bring forward thy mouth and make to draw nigh the writings or lists of offerings and oblations.

Set thou Right and Truth firmly upon their throne, make thou the writings to draw nigh, and set thou up the goddesses in the presence of Osiris, the mighty god, the Prince of everlastingness, who counteth his years, who hearkeneth unto those who are in the islands or pools , who raiseth his right shoulder, who judgeth the divine princes, and who sendeth [Osiris] into the presence of the great sovereign princes who live in the underworld.

Osiris Nu, triumphant, saith:. O thou resting-place of the boat! Hail, Abu-ur, thou sayest day by day: I am Ra, the stablisher of those who praise [him].

My face is the face of the Disk. My eyes are the eyes of Hathor. My ears are the ears of Ap-uat. My nose is the nose of Khenti-khas. My lips are the lips of Anpu.

My teeth are the teeth of Serqet. My neck is the neck of the divine goddess Isis. My hands are the hands of Ba-neb-Tattu. My forearms are the forearms of Neith, the Lady of Sais.

My backbone is the backbone of Suti. My phallus is the phallus of Osiris. My reins are the reins of the Lords of Kher-aba. My chest is the chest of the Mighty one of Terror.

My belly and back are the belly and back of Sekhet. My buttocks are the buttocks of the Eye of Horus. My hips and legs are the hips and legs of Nut. My feet are the feet of Ptah.

There is no member of my body which is not the member of some god. The god Thoth shieldeth my body altogether, and I am Ra day by day.

I shall not be dragged back by my arms, and none shall lay violent hold upon my hands. And shall do me hurt neither men, nor gods, nor the sainted dead, nor those who have perished, nor any one of those of ancient times, nor any mortal, nor any human being.

I am he who cometh forth, advancing, whose name is unknown. I am Yesterday, and Seer of millions of years is my name. I pass along, I pass along the paths of the divine celestial judges.

I am the lord of eternity, and I decree and I judge like the god Khepera. I come forth and I shine; I enter in and I come to life.

I am Horus and I traverse millions of years. I have given the decree [for the stablishing of] my throne and I am the ruler thereof; and in very truth, my mouth keepeth an even balance both in speech and in silence.

In very truth, my forms are inverted. I am Un-nefer, from one season even unto another, and what I have is within me; [I am] the only One, who proceedeth from an only One who goeth round about in his course.

I open the door in heaven, I govern my throne, and I open up [the way] for the births [which take place] on this day.

I am he who protecteth you for millions of years, and whether ye be denizens of the heavens, or of the earth, or of the south, or of the north, or of the east, or of the west, the fear of me is in your bodies.

I am he whose being has been moulded in his eye, and I shall not die again. My moment is in your bodies, but my forms are in my place of habitation.

I am he who cannot be known, but the Red Ones have their faces directed toward me. I am the unveiled one. The season wherein [the god] created the heavens for me and enlarged the bounds of the earth and made great the progeny thereof cannot be found out; but they fail and are not united [again].

My name setteth itself apart from all things [and from] the great evil [which is in] the mouths [of men] by reason of the speech which I address unto you.

I am he who riseth and shineth, the wall which cometh out of a wall, an only One who proceedeth from an only One. There is never a day that passeth without the things which appertain unto him being therein; passing, passing, passing, passing.

Hail, O my Creator, I am he who hath no power to walk, the great Knot who is within yesterday. The might of my strength is within my hand.

I myself am not known, but I am he who knoweth thee. I cannot be held with the hand, but I am he who can hold thee in his hand. I am Horus who lives for millions of years, whose flame shineth upon you and bringeth your hearts to me.

I have the command of my throne and I advance at this season, I have opened a path, and I have delivered myself from all evil things. I am the dog-headed ape of gold three palms and two fingers [high], which hath neither arms nor legs and dwelleth in Het-ka-Ptah Memphis , and I go forth as goeth forth the dog-headed ape that dwelleth in Het-ka-Ptah.

The overseer of the palace, the chancellor-in-chief, Nu, triumphant, saith:. Grant thou that I may have power over the divine princes who have their habitations in the place of the god of the inundation, even as they have power over their own holy god of whose name they are ignorant; and may they let me have power even as [he hath let them have power].

If to this heaven it cometh by the north, I sit at the south; if to this heaven it cometh by the south, I sit at the north; if to this heaven it cometh by the west, I sit at the east; and if to this heaven it cometh by the east, I sit at the west.

I draw the hair of my nostrils, and I make my way into every place in which I wish to sit. In the Papyrus of Nefer-uben-f see Naville, op. Rest thou, then, O Tem.

Behold the staff which blossometh, and which cometh forth when a man crieth out in your names. Behold, I am Tem, the tree? Let me not be turned back….

Let neither my flesh nor my members be gashed with knives, let me not be wounded by knives by you. I have come, I have been judged, I have come forth therein, [I] have power with my father, the Old man, Nu.

He hath granted that I may live, he hath given strength unto me, and he hath provided me with the inheritance of my father therein.

What is thy name? He letteth me set out for the temple of the gods who have found their faces. Let there be given unto me vessels of milk, together with cakes, and loaves of bread, and cups of drink, and flesh in the Temple of Anpu.

Grant thou to me of [the water and of] the air which dwell in thee. Grant ye, [O Thoth and Hapi,] that I may have power over the water, even as Set had power over his enemies on the day when there were storms and rain upon the earth.

Let me have power over the divine beings who have mighty arms in their shoulders, even as the god who is apparelled in splendor and whose name is unknown had power over them; and may I have power over the beings whose arms are mighty.

Osiris, the Scribe Ani, saith:. The scribe Nebseni … saith:. I go forth into heaven. I am the Lion-god Ra. I am the Bull. I have gone round about among the islands or lakes of Sekhet-Aaru.

Indefinite time, without beginning and without end, hath been given to me; I inherit eternity, and everlastingness hath been bestowed upon me.

The last three chapters, with a single vignette, are grouped in one in the Papyrus of Nefer-uben-f see Naville, op.

In the Turin Papyrus Lepsius, op. The overseer of the palace, the chancellor-in-chief, Nu,. I am brought unto thee, I am the oar of Ra wherewith he ferried over the divine aged ones; let me neither be burnt up nor destroyed by fire.

I am Bet, the first-born son of Osiris, who doth meet every god within his Eye in Annu. I am the divine Heir, the exalted one?

I have made my name to germinate, I have delivered [it], and thou shalt live through me day by day. Come, break away the restraints from him that passeth by the side of this path, and let me come forth by it.

Nebseni, the lord of reverence, saith:. I am the lord of the men who are raised up; [the lord] who cometh forth from out of the darkness, and whose forms of existence are of the house wherein are the dead.

Hail, ye two hawks who are perched upon your resting-places, who hearken unto the things which are said by him, who guide the bier to the hidden place, who lead along Ra, and who follow [him] into the uppermost place of the shrine which is in the celestial heights!

He is I, and I am he, and Ptah hath covered his sky with crystal. Make thou thy roads glad for me, and make broad for me thy paths when I shall set out from earth for the life in the celestial regions.

Send forth thy light upon me, O Soul unknown, for I am [one] of those who are about to enter in, and the divine speech is in [my] ears in the Tuat underworld , and let no defects of my mother be [imputed] unto me; let me be delivered and let me be safe from him whose divine eyes sleep at eventide, when [he] gathereth together and finisheth [the day] in night.

Hail, thou divine prince Ati-she-f, cry out unto those divine beings who dwell in their hair at the season when the god is [lifted upon] the shoulder, saying: Thy face is like that of a greyhound which scenteth with his nose the place whither I go on my feet.

The god Akau transported me to the chamber? I rise as the Lord of Life through the beautiful law of this day, and it is their blood and the cool water of [their] slaughter which make the union of the earth to blossom.

I make a way among the horns of all those who make themselves strong against me, and [among] those who in secret make themselves adversaries unto me, and who are upon their bellies.

I have come as the envoy of my Lord of lords to give counsel [concerning] Osiris; the eye shall not absorb 39 its tears.

I am the divine envoy? Let me journey on in peace; let me pass over the sky; let me adore the radiance of the splendor [which is in] my sight; let me soar like a bird to see the companies?

Who art thou, then, who consumest in its hidden place? The pregnant goddess hath deposited [upon the earth] her load, and hath given birth to Hit straightway; the closed door which is by the wall is overthrown, it is turned upside down and I rejoice thereat.

To the Mighty One hath his eye been given, and it sendeth forth light from his face when the earth becometh light or at daybreak.

I shall not become corrupt, but I shall come into being in the form of the Lion-god and like the blossoms of Shu; I am the being who is never overwhelmed in the waters.

Happy, yea happy is he that looked upon the funeral couch which hath come to its place of rest, upon the happy day of the god whose heart resteth, who maketh his place of alighting [thereon].

I am he who cometh forth by day; the lord of the bier which giveth life in the presence of Osiris. I clasp the sycamore tree, I myself am joined unto the sycamore tree, and its arm[s] are opened unto me graciously.

I have come to see Ra when he setteth, and I absorb into myself the winds [which arise] when he cometh forth, and both my hands are clean to adore him.

I have gathered together [all my members], I have gathered together [all my members]. I soar like a bird and I descend upon the earth, and mine eye maketh me to walk thereon in my footsteps.

I am the child of yesterday, and the Akeru gods of the earth have made me to come into being, and they have made me strong for my moment [of coming forth].

The overseer of the palace, the chancellor-in-chief, Osiris Nu, triumphant, begotten of the overseer of the palace, Amen-hetep, triumphant, saith:.

I am the lord of those who are raised up, [the lord] who cometh forth from out of the darkness. I open [a way among] the horns of all those who would do harm unto me, who keep themselves hidden, who make themselves adversaries unto me, and those who are upon their bellies.

The Eye shall not eat or absorb the tears of the goddess Aukert. Hail, goddess Aukert, open thou unto me the enclosed place, and grant thou unto me pleasant roads whereupon I may travel.

Who art thou, then, who consumest in the hidden places? The pregnant one hath deposited [upon the earth] her load. The door by the wall is shut fast, and the things of terror are overturned and thrown down upon the backbone?

To the Mighty One hath his Eye been given, and his face emitteth light when [he] illumineth the earth, [my name is his name]. I am he who is never overwhelmed in the waters.

Happy, yea happy, is the funeral couch of the Still-heart; he maketh himself to alight upon the pool? I am the lord of my life.

I have come to this [place], and I have come forth from Re-aa-urt the city of Osiris. I have clasped the sycamore tree and I have divided?

Thou art in me and I am in thee; and thy attributes are my attributes. My forms are the forms of the god Khepera, the hair of the earth of Tem, the hair of the earth of Tem.

The chancellor-in-chief, Nu, saith:. Grant that I may take possession of the captives of Osiris, and never let me have my being among the fiends of Suti!

Grant thou that I may sit upon the throne of Ra, and let me have possession of my body before the god Seb. Grant thou that Osiris may come forth triumphant over Suti [and over] the night-watchers of Suti, and over the night-watchers of the Crocodile, yea the night-watchers of the Crocodile, whose faces are hidden and who dwell in the divine Temple of the King of the North in the apparel of the gods on the sixth day of the festival, whose snares are like unto everlastingness and whose cords are like unto eternity.

I have seen the god Abet-ka placing the cord; the child is laid in fetters, and the rope of the god Ab-ka is drawn tight?

Hail, Mer, who doest these things for me, and who art put an end to by the vigor of Ra, grant thou that I may see Ra; grant thou that I may come forth against my enemies; and grant thou that I may be victorious over them in the presence of the sovereign princes of the great god who are in the presence of the great god.

If, repulsing [me], thou dost not allow me to come forth against my Enemy and to be victorious over him before the sovereign princes, then may Hapi—who liveth upon law and order—not come forth into heaven—now he liveth by Maat—and may Ra—who feedeth upon fish—not descend into the waters!

And then, verily shall Ra—who feedeth upon right and order—come forth into heaven, and then, verily, shall Hapi—who feedeth upon fish—descend into the waters; and then, verily, the great day upon the earth shall not be in its season.

I have come against my Enemy, he hath been given unto me, he hath come to an end, and I have gotten possession [of him] before the sovereign princes.

The legs of Sothis are stablished, and I am born in their state of rest. I was conceived by the goddess Sekhet, and the goddess Neith gave birth to me; I am Horus, and [I have] come forth from the Eye of Horus.

I am Uatchit who came forth from Horus. I am Horus and I fly up and perch myself upon the forehead of Ra in the bows of his boat which is in heaven.

The overseer of the palace, the. The chamber of Shu is opened, and he cometh forth; and I shall come forth outside, and I shall advance from my territory?

I shall advance to my throne which is in the boat of Ra. I shall not be molested, and I shall not suffer shipwreck from my throne which is in the boat of Ra, the mighty one.

Hail thou that shinest and givest light from Hent-she! Behold, I was guarded and watched, [but now] I am released; behold, his hand had tied cords round me and his hand had darted upon me in the earth.

Re-hent hath been opened for me and Re-hent hath been unfastened before me, Re-hent hath been given unto me, and I shall come forth by day into whatsoever place I please.

I have gained the mastery over my heart; I have gained the mastery over my breast? In a clean place shall I sit on the ground beneath the foliage of the date-palm of the goddess Hathor, who dwelleth in the spacious Disk as it advanceth to Annu Heliopolis , having the books of the divine words of the writings of the god Thoth.

I shall lift myself up on my left side, and I shall place myself on my right side; I shall lift myself up on my right side, and I shall place myself [on my left side].

I shall sit down, I shall stand up, and I shall place myself in [the path of] the wind like a guide who is well prepared.

My divine son, together with his mother Isis, hath avenged me on mine enemies. My enemies have wrought every [kind of] evil, therefore their arms, and hands, and feet, have been fettered by reason of their wickedness which they have wrought upon me.

I am Osiris, the first-born of the divine womb, the first-born of the gods, and the heir of my father Osiris-Seb? I am Osiris, the lord of the heads that live, mighty of breast and powerful of back, with a phallus which goeth to the remotest limits [where] men and women [live].

I am Sah Orion who travelleth over his domain and who journeyeth along before the stars of heaven, [which is] the belly of my mother Nut; she conceived me through her love, and she gave birth to me because it was her will so to do.

I am Anpu Anubis on the day of the god Sepa. I am the Bull at the head of the meadow. I, even I, am Osiris who imprisoned his father together with his mother on the day of making the great slaughter; now, [his] father is Seb, and [his] mother is Nut.

I am Horus, the first-born of Ra of the risings. I am Anpu Anubis [on the day of] the god Sepa. I, even I, am the lord Tem. Hail, thou divine first-born, who dost enter and dost speak before the divine Scribe and Doorkeeper of Osiris, grant that I may come.

I have taken up my seat by the divine birth-chamber of Osiris, and I have destroyed the sickness and suffering which were there.

I have become mighty, and I have become a divine being by the side of the birth-chamber of Osiris, I am brought forth with him, I renew my youth, I renew my youth, I take possession of my two thighs which are in the place where is Osiris, and I open the mouth of the gods therewith, I take my seat by his side, and Thoth cometh forth, and [I am] strengthened in heart with thousands of cakes upon the altars of my divine father, and with my beasts, and with my cattle, and with my red feathered fowl, and with my oxen, and with my geese, and with my ducks, for Horus my Chieftain, and with the offerings which I make to Thoth, and with the sacrifices which I offer up to An-heri-ertaitsa.

I sniff the wind of the east by its hair; I lay hold upon the north wind by its hair, I seize and hold fast to the west wind by its body, and I go round about heaven on its four sides; I lay hold upon the south wind by its eye, and I bestow air upon the venerable beings [who are in the underworld] along with the eating of cakes.

The libationer, the lord of reverence,. Strengthen thou me according as thou hast strengthened thyself, and show thyself upon the earth, O thou that returnest and withdrawest thyself, and let thy will be done.

Behold Horus, the son of Isis. Strengthen thou me, according as thou hast strengthened thyself, and show thyself upon earth, O thou that returnest and withdrawest thyself, and let thy will be done.

Strengthen thou me according as thou hast strengthened thyself, and show thyself upon earth, O thou that returnest and withdrawest thyself, and let thy will be done.

I am the Plant of the region where nothing sprouteth, and the Blossom of the hidden horizon. Hail, thou Nekhen who art in thine egg, thou lord of the goddess Meh-urt, strengthen thou me according as thou hast strengthened thyself, and show thyself upon earth, O thou that returnest and withdrawest thyself, and let thy will be done.

The god Sebek hath stood up within his ground, and the goddess Neith hath stood up within her plantation, O thou that returnest and withdrawest thyself, show thyself upon earth and let thy will be done.

I come forth to you, therefore come ye forth to me, for ye live in me and I would live in you. Make ye me to be vigorous by means of that which is in your hands, that is to say, by the rod of power which is in your hands.

Decree ye for me life by [your] speech year by year; give me multitudes of years over and above my years of life, and multitudes of months over and above my months of life, and multitudes of days over and above my days of life, and multitudes of nights over and above my nights of life; and grant that I may come forth and shine upon my statue; and [grant me] air for my nose, and let my eyes have the power to see among those divine beings who dwell in the horizon on the day when evil-doing and wrong are justly assessed.

Behold the scribe Nebseni, triumphant, who saith:. And there, in the celestial mansions of heaven which my divine father Tem hath stablished, let my hands lay hold upon the wheat and the barley which shall be given unto me therein in abundant measure, and may the son of mine own body make [ready] for me my food therein.

And grant ye unto me therein sepulchral meals, and incense, and wax, and all the beautiful and pure things whereon the god liveth, in very deed forever in all the transformations which it pleaseth me [to perform]; and grant me the power to float down and to sail up the stream in Sekhet-Aarru [and may I reach Sekhet-hetep!

I am the double Lion-god. The chancellor-in-chief, Nu, triumphant, saith:. Hail, I have become helpless! I have become helpless, I have become helpless in the regions of those who plunder in the underworld.

I penetrate into the holy habitations of those who are in [their] shrines or coffins , I force my way through the habitations of the god Remren, and I arrive in the habitations of the god Akhsesef, I travel on through the holy chambers, and I pass into the Temple of the god Kemken.

The Buckle hath been given unto me, it [hath placed] its hands upon me, it hath decreed [to my service] its sister Khebent, and its mother Kehkehet.

He journeyeth, he journeyeth to the city of Pe, and he cometh to the city of Tepu. Homage to thee, O thou who fliest into heaven, and dost shine upon the son of the white crown, and dost protect the white crown, let me have my existence with thee!

I have gathered together the great god[s], I am mighty, I have made my way and I have travelled along thereon. Make thou smooth for me the ways and let me go round about [to visit] my thrones; I have renewed?

O grant thou that I may be feared, and make thou me to be a terror. Let the gods of the underworld be afraid of me, and may they fight for me in their habitations which are therein.

Let not him that would do me harm draw nigh unto me, or injure? Hail, ye rulers, who are among the followers of Osiris!

Be ye therefore silent, O ye gods, when one god speaketh unto another, for he hearkeneth unto right and truth; and what I speak unto [him] do thou also speak for me then, O Osiris.

Grant thou that I may journey round about [according to] that which cometh forth from thy mouth concerning me, and grant that I may see thine own Form or forms , and the dispositions of thy Souls.

Grant thou that I may come forth, and that I may have power over my legs, and that I may have my existence there like unto that of Neb-er-tcher who is over [all].

May the gods of the underworld fear me, and may they fight for me in their habitations. Grant thou that I may move along therein together with the divine beings who journey onward, and may I be stablished upon my resting-place like the Lord of Life.

May I be joined unto Isis the divine lady, and may she protect me from him that would do an injury unto me; and let not anyone come to see the divine one naked and helpless.

May I journey on, may I come into the uttermost parts of heaven. I exchange speech with the god Seb, I make supplication for divine food from Neb-er-tcher; the gods of the underworld have fear of me, and they fight for me in their habitations when they see that thou hast provided me with food, both of the fowl of the air and of the fish of the sea.

None of the conservative Christain authors list the correct number 3 of holidays. None of the authors list all of the names correctly.

Many authors have simply taken Wiccan holidays and attributed them to Satanists. Most writers can only agree on Halloween as one of the ritual days.

Roman Catholic writers link Satanic holidays to Roman Catholic holy days; Protestant authors link them to Protestant days of observance.

There is no agreement as to which seasonal celebrations are the most important. There is no agreement concerning the day of the week for regular meetings.

Many authors appear to be copying dates from other conservative Protestant or Roman Catholic books or from common sources. Most authors stress that Satanism is a highly structured, world-wide organization.

One would expect that the seasonal days of celebration and their titles to be uniform. Since none of the authors list the correct celebration days, their knowledge this and of other aspects of Satanism is highly suspect.

We have found the following holidays listed; book codes are listed below: Fixed Ritual Days Jan. Satanism by Bob Larson, Nelson, , P.

Hicks Prometheus Books, Sponsored link: Robinson Go to the previous page or go to the "Does ritual abuse exist? Seasonal events Science vs.

May 01 Initiation Night AS. May 01 Beltane fertility festival S2. Every Friday night S1. Every 3rd Thursday S2. At full moons TS. Year ; year-long Feast of the Beast EE.

A handout of unknown origin supplied by a local Sexual Assault Centre. Hicks Prometheus Books, This page translator works on Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari browsers only After translating, click on the "show original" button at the top of this page to restore page to English.

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